The 7 Day Cash Money sales page makes unbelievable, grand claims about how you can get amazingly wealthy using their get-rich-quick scheme. In the end, all you get is a list of extremely confusing instructions that teach you absolutely nothing about building an internet business. The strategy that they recommend involves link schemes which are now banned by Google, so essentially when you buy this product you’re paying for an absurdly overpriced domain name. Finally, I’ll show you how unprofessional the website is and how they make false claims about their product. All of that and more in today’s 7 Day Cash Money Review.

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7 Day Cash Money Delivers Nothing but an Expensive Domain Name

The sales letter is very clear that you’re paying for some type of money-making system involving Google and Clickbank. But when you actually pay for the product, you’ll see right away that 7 Day Cash Money has absolutely nothing to offer that fulfills their promises.

7 Day Cash Money Sales Letter

After purchasing the product, I received a confusing email about my domain name and how to set up my Google Adsense and Clickbank accounts. Even though the sale letter says explicitly that I’ll learn how to make money with Google Adsense, now they tell me that my account may not even be approved in the first place.

7 Day Cash Money Adsense ApprovalIt’s not hard to see why Google wouldn’t even think about approving the Adsense account. Firstly, my domain name is which is about as worthless as any domain I’ve ever come across. Even worse, the page doesn’t even load, so there’s no way that I can begin earning money even if I’m approved by Google Adsense.

7 Day Money Trial DomainWhen I buy a domain name from Go Daddy or one of the other leading domain registrars, it only costs me a few dollars to set up. But 7 Day Cash Money wants $65 for just one domain, and it doesn’t even work. That’s a great deal for the product publishers, but a HORRIBLE deal for customers like you.

7 Day Cash Money Ripoff

Linking Schemes Will Never Earn You A Penny

Even if my domain was working, I still wouldn’t be earning any money because the 7 Day Cash Money strategy is now being penalized by Google. According to the sales page, they use a “secret linking strategy” with websites that sell paid links.

The problem with this strategy is that it’s now against Google’s Terms of Service to use link schemes to boost your website’s search engine rankings. Google is very clear that this type of behavior will result in your site being penalized majorly.

Google Link Schemes

 So not only does my 7 Day Cash Money domain not work, but the strategy is a completely ineffective. There’s no way to earn money with link schemes anymore, and anyone recommending this strategy is clueless about today’s internet marketing climate and building an internet business.


It’s Incredibly Unprofessional And Makes Fake Claims

Besides for the non-working domain name and the outdated strategy, another thing I have to warn you about is that 7 Day Cash Money is completely unprofessional in about every way possible. The first thing I noticed was that the sales letter and email they sent me were full of basic spelling and grammar mistakes (bad sign #1)

But what really makes my blood boil is that the testimonials are completely false. For example, the sales letter says that the pictures by the testimonials are from actual 7 Day Cash Money customers. Well, I did a Google search for one of the images, and it turns out that it’s an ordinary stock photo used in tons of products sold online.

7 Day Cash Money Stock Photo

 Then the product disappoints yet again because the sales page claims that there are no upsells. But in the email sent to me after buying the product, I was directed to a website which is clearly an upsell for another bogus product.

7 Day Cash Money Upsell

A third example of how the product publisher has lied and is completely unprofessional is that the Google Adsense “proof” photos are not what they claim to be. The sales letter says that the first one is from February to make it seem like each month the earnings went up a few thousand dollars, but you can see in the screenshot that it’s actually from April—another lie.

Even the product name is very misleading. 7 Day Cash Money wants to give off the impression that you’ll be earning money within one week, and only after buying the product will you find out that this is impossible. When you look at the product as a whole, what you see is red flag after red flag after red flag, mixed in with a bunch of lies and deceptively false advertising claims.


Conclusion: Just Another BS Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

7 Day Cash Money is a completely worthless product. The only thing I received from my purchase was a terrible domain name and confusing email instructions, and the domain name doesn’t even work. The strategy that they claim is highly effective is actually outdated and will now be penalized by Google, which means you won’t be earning a penny. And lastly, the entire site is full of claims which turn out to be either misleading or complete lies. I can tell you with 100% certainty that you should stay away from this useless product.  

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