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I know it’s going to get hate mails streaming into my inbox but today we’re going to be dismantling Wake Up Now and discussing all of the reasons why none of their memberships are worth paying for.

In this video, I’m going to summarize a few of the major points but if you’d like to read the highly detailed, unedited review at any point during this video, you can click the logo in the bottom right hand corner and you’ll be taken to the full review complete with screen shots that you can skim through at your own pace.

My first big problem with Wake Up Now is one of the problems that I have with a lot of products in this industry. It’s just that everything within the Wake Up Now membership, everything that you’re buying access to can just be found online in higher quality for free. When you’re charging something like $99 for your top membership price for their platinum membership at Wake Up Now, you would expect to be given a little bit more return on investment.

It’s been a while since I did the text review as I’m recording this video review and the number one push-back I receive when someone sees my negative Wake Up Now review is, Ian, the discounts alone are worth paying the monthly membership. Frankly, that’s just a load of crap that I think people are saying to sell the product and push it and make money off of other people signing up underneath them.

Because in the text review for this product, I took one example and show that there was a pair of earbuds, headphones on sale in Wake Up Now’s membership area for about $60. I pulled out the exact same earbuds, same model, same make, everything, on Amazon and they were $38. You don’t have to pay an expensive monthly membership to get Amazon’s discounts. The same thing applies to travel. When you look at their travel deals and their vacation packages, you can go to Expedia or Travelosity or Kayak or any of those other big name travel websites and beat the deals that Wake Up Now has within it.

To say that the Wake Up Now membership is good just for the discounts is a flat-out lie. Everything in there, they also sell supplements, and they talk about money management and all that stuff, that can all be found very easily online for free. You can just buy it straight out without ever having to have a Wake Up Now membership.

That leads me into my second problem with Wake Up Now which is the financial opportunity. If you want to push Wake Up Now, if you want to sell Wake Up Now to other people, you’re going to make money, they’re going to cut you a paycheck. If you can actually sell the product to other people and they sign up under you, you’re going to get paid. That’s fine and dandy, I’m not arguing that at all.

What I’m saying as far as the financial opportunity goes is whenever we’re looking at MLM products in this industry, a lot of the times what I’m seeing is that there’s kind of a thinly veiled product that isn’t really worth paying for but there’s a whole bunch of people out there saying how great it is and go sign up, buy now, it’s a great opportunity, it’s great discount, all these great things and then you get into the product and if you really look at it honestly, that’s not the case.

Why I say the financial opportunity is one of my problems with this product is exactly that. People tend to glaze over with greed whenever it comes to stuff like this. Most people out there, they are pushing products like this. No, they are not pushing a product  that’s really worth paying for. And so if you can be one of those people out there on the Internet and walking around and recruiting friends and family members saying this is a great product, there are great discounts, it’s totally worth paying for, you’ll get your value just out of the discounts alone which is for a lot of people out there are saying, and you’re flat-out lying to people, that’s fine, you’re going to make money.

But for me, that’s not how I want to make money. That’s not how I want to build my business. I think I want to do with honesty and integrity. And so, that’s why I kind of take beef with the “financial opportunity” within Wake Up Now is because in my opinion, it kind of compromises integrity and crosses a moral line to go out and sell this product which is a bunch of information that people can find for free.

The third and final problem that I want to discuss here in this video review, again, there’s more information on the website if you’re interested to look at the screen shots and see more supporting evidence and hearing more things discussed. The last thing I’m going to discuss about Wake Up Now today is the pyramid structure of their payments. What I mean by that is the people at the very, very top, the founders and the first few people that were in on the product are making a ton of money and then there’s this gigantic bottom part that’s making no money at all.

In the month that I was reviewing Wake Up Now, this is what the numbers look like. Eighty percent of people were not even making enough money to pay back their membership. Eighty percent of people were making somewhere between zero dollars and $7.50. They’re still paying for monthly membership so if you’re paying for $100 level and you’re only making $7.50 a month, you’re losing over a thousand dollars a year. That’s not a very good financial upside in my opinion.

Another 16% on top of that 80% are just barely breaking even if they are not losing money as well. People in the 16% category are either losing money or they’re just barely breaking even. And so that adds up to 96% of people that are either losing money or very, very small percentage of that 96% of people are barely breaking even. And then the top 4% which includes the founders and their friends that they recruited early on and the people that gotten really early are making somewhere from a couple of thousand dollars a month, like $30,000-$40,000 a month. That’s not a very good deal for you getting into Wake Up Now right now.

This income disclosure is on their website, it’s updated regularly and you can look at that yourself and kind of see most of the people within Wake Up Now in the case of the month that I was reviewing it, 80% are making nothing to $7.50, actually losing money every month. Honestly, that’s just not a product that I can pitch to people and say go out and buy this because everyone else will say what a great financial opportunity it is, what great discounts there are, but really, when you look at the numbers that they disclose, you can see that it’s not a great opportunity at all.

With all of that in mind, my final recommendation for Wake Up Now is absolutely avoid it. There just isn’t any value here worth paying for. You can find the discounts, the “discounts” that they’re offering, you can find better deals elsewhere online. It’s basically just a product that if you want to buy it for the financial opportunity and push all your friends and family members and other people online while knowing that you’re lying, that there isn’t any value in the membership itself, but you’re pushing it that way to sell it, that’s fine. I don’t really think that’s any reason to buy a product.

The third reason is that 96% of people are either losing money or they’re barely breaking even, if at all. The vast majority of people buying Wake Up Now are losing money. For those three reasons, there’s just absolutely no way at all that I can promote or recommend this product to anyone.

That does it for today’s review. I hope you found that helpful. Again, if you’re looking for more details or more reasoning or you’re looking for screen shots or anything like that, again, there is more information available on the website and you can go ahead and skim through that at your own pace. I hope that you found that helpful once again. I’m just trying to keep everyone safe on the Internet. This is a really kind of scary, dangerous industry to be considering buying a product in. I’m happy to help any way that I can.

Until my next review, stay safe out there and if I can help you with anything at all, don’t hesitate to reach out, bye bye.