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Today, we’re reviewing a product called Wake Up Millionaire by a guy named Patric Chan which is essentially you paying $47 to have someone tell you you have to choose to be rich in order to be wealthy. Elaboration on that and so much more in today’s review from

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On the Wake Up Millionaire sales page, Patric Chan talks about how if he lost everything tomorrow, he will be able to become a millionaire again within three to six months after losing everything. He kind of hints that he’s going to reveal that secret within the Wake Up Millionaire product which is somewhat misleading in my opinion because Wake Up Millionaire is exclusively a mindset product. It’s all about you need to get your mind in the right place before you can become rich, before you can become wealthy.

Personally, I know not everyone watching this video is going to share my opinion here but I know many will. Personally, that is not an industry that I buy into. Even if it is an industry you buy into, if you bought into a lot of the things like The Secret and Think and Grow Rich, Attraction Marketing, and I respect that. I know many people that swear by those principles. They just haven’t been useful to me and my business.

Even if you weren’t the kind of person that is attracted to that type of product and typically derives benefit from that type of product, I still don’t think Wake Up Millionaire is a good fit for you even and I’ll elaborate on that a little bit more later in this review.

One of the things I found super frustrating in the Wake Up Millionaire is that Patric Chan frankly just beats around the bush a lot. There is a lot of content within this product which is mostly composed of e-books that you download out of the members’ area that are just story after story after story, a lot of unnecessary narrative, a lot of allegories, a lot of things that just aren’t necessary to convey the point and educate the consumer, us, as the people that have purchased the product. That’s really, really frustrating for me.

Personally, I’m more of a meat and potatoes kind of guy. There are a lot of books that I picked up in the past that I skim through really quickly and I kind of pull off the nuggets because a lot of stuff out there is just fluffed up. A lot of publishers have their writers, they have their authors do that because they can publish more frequently and they pump it full of stories and jargon and all kinds of unnecessary stuff that we don’t really need to learn the lessons. Patric Chan in Wake Up Millionaire is one of the worst examples I have seen of that. It’s just page after page after page of unnecessary information that you’re just painstakingly kind of dragging yourself through so that you can get to the next piece of information or hunt for that piece of information that might actually be helpful to you.

Earlier in this review, I mentioned that even if you are the type of person that typically derives benefit from reading things surrounding Attraction Marketing or The Secret or anything along those lines, I still don’t think that Patric Chan’s Wake Up Millionaire is a good product for you. Mainly, that has to do with the fact that you could buy half a dozen kind of world-renowned books within that industry for the $47 that you would be paying for Patric Chan’s product.

If you aren’t the type of person that derives benefit from that kind of stuff, I know there are a lot of people out there that just kind of roll their eyes at that and personally, as I mentioned, I don’t feel like I personally gained anything from reading products like these, then you definitely want to avoid the product because there isn’t any real training in the sense of this is what you need to do to build a business.

Again, on the sales page, Patric Chan says, “I will be able to become a millionaire within three to six months if I lost everything tomorrow.” I feel like that’s a little bit misleading because there’s nothing in there about building a business within Wake Up Millionaire that’s going to create millions of dollars in revenue within three to six months within the first year. It’s all about getting in the right mindset.

Again, personally, that’s just not a product that I buy into and even if you were the type of person that buys into that product, you could go out there and buy a handful of books for the $47 that you would pay for Wake Up Millionaire and derive much, much  more benefit from kind of more credible, more established authors within the industry like Napoleon Hill or John C. Maxwell has some books out there that were probably right up your alley. That is where I recommend you spend your money instead of something like Wake Up Millionaire where it’s $47 you use to download a bunch of e-books that you’re reading on your computer screen that are filled with fluff, not much value, hardly any training and just kind of this get in the right mindset, you have to choose to be rich kind of general vibe.

For all of those reasons, there is no way that I can personally recommend Wake Up Millionaire by Patric Chan. You can check it out if you’d like. You can always get refunds or Clickbank. If you want to check it out, if it sounds interesting to you, if you are kind of into these mindset products, you can always buy it and if you don’t like it, get a refund through Clickbank. But personally, I would just recommend spending your money elsewhere.

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Until next time, thank you so much for watching. My name is Ian Pribyl from and I look forward to speaking with you again soon. Stay safe out there.