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Today, we’re going to be talking about a product called Screw95 by a guy nicknamed Lazy Ass Stoner and trust me when I say there is no way you are more surprised than I am that I am about to give this product a positive review. That’s in today’s review from

This video review has been edited for the sake of brevity. But if at any point during this video you’d like to read the full, unedited review complete with screen shots, you can click the logo in the bottom right hand corner of this video and you’d be taken to the full review that you can skim through at your own pace.

This video is one in particular that I highly recommend if you’re seriously considering purchasing this product, clicking the logo and reading over the full text review with all of the screen shots because there is a lot of detail there that’s not in this video. I go through every single stage of Screw95. There are five stages plus three bonus stages and I go through all of them one by one by one, get the strengths and weaknesses of each and describe what’s in each section. So if you’re seriously considering buying Screw95, check out that review before you purchase the product.

Now there are a lot of reasons why I chose to give Screw95 a positive review but the main reason obviously is that the material is just relevant and up to date and if these strategies are followed correctly and you put in a lot of work and effort and time, they can actually produce income. These are strategies that are valid. I do know affiliate marketers in the industry making money off of these strategies and their strategies that Jay, the Lazy Ass Stoner, teaches very, very well.

On top of that, the user interface, in the members’ area is just super easy to navigate. If you ever forgot something or you wanted to recover something because it kind of slipped your mind, you could go back to the members’ area and very quickly and easily find the exact video that you needed to re-watch to re-learn whatever you had forgotten or you wanted further emphasis on.

Besides the information being up to date and relevant and the user interface being very easy to navigate within the members’ area, Jay is just honestly and incredible teacher. He teaches at a very easy to follow pace but he’s also very succinct. A lot of these products you get into, they say the information, they say it again and then they kind of mumble over it again. They rattle over it again. That’s not something that Jay does in Screw95. Jay covers things very, very efficiently in a way that you’re not bored because he’s repeating himself over and over again. You’re also not craving more information wondering what do I do now, what do I do next. It’s actually some of the most efficient lessons that I have ever seen in this industry and it’s really clear that Jay put a lot of time and effort into preparing before he even sat down to record these videos and edit them and put them all together.

What are you going to be doing in Screw95 is a very, very specific type of affiliate marketing. Jay is teaching how to build very specific type of affiliate sites and those are highly product related, kind of similar to e-commerce sites except instead of stocking inventory and shipping and mailing everything yourself in having to handle all of that, you’re polling from retail websites or other e-commerce sites that have an affiliate program, you’re listing their product, putting pictures upon your site and you’re linking back over to the actual e-commerce site whether it’s a third party kind of smaller ma and pop e-commerce site or if you’re linking back to Amazon, you’re linking back to them through your affiliate link.

So, Jay walks you through how to pick a niche that this will work in and then he walks you through how to build the site and do all those things, all of those details are in the text review on the website,, and after he does all of that, he shows you how to promote it.

And that leads me into my only really big problem with Screw95 and all of it is in stage 4 of the five stages and stage 4 is what Jay calls dominating search. Now, when you get in to stage 4, everything’s great. The first couple of videos kind of explaining SEO, search engine optimization, on a high level conceptually and then talking about on-site search engine optimization, kind of putting your keywords in your meta titles and putting them in your post and putting them in your header tags. Jay does a brilliant job teaching that, one of the best ways I’ve seen it taught. Again, he really has a gift for teaching.

But where he loses me is when you continue through that section, there are several videos on building backlinks. Intentional backlink building is something that Google has made very clear they’ve waged a war on, they don’t want people doing anymore. They want people to focus on content, on quality content and let the backlinks kind of happen naturally. And so, whenever you do a lot of intentional link building, you start leaving patterns around the Internet that Google can pick up on. The strategies taught on Screw95 are no exception to that.

There are some really, really distinct patterns that are going to be left by these strategies that Jay is teaching. He teaches to go on forums and get backlinks by going into threads on forums within your niche and kind of posting a link back to your site and say, hey, look at this very cool shirt I just found, I’m giving a link that way and then going on to other platforms and kind of building these miniature sites where you’re posting small posts here and there. Most of them have your links, some of them don’t but they link back to your site so you have these miniature sites out there, all these miniature sites linking back to your website. Almost every post has a link back to your site. These are very distinct patterns.

If you do decide to purchase Screw95, again, I’m giving it a positive recommendation with this one exception. Make sure that if you do pursue the strategies, link building strategies in stage 4, that you do it very carefully and that you don’t leave any patterns because eventually, even if they work right now, within the next few months and the next couple of years, Google will come and they will smack those patterns away. They’ll notice those patterns and they will smack your sites back down, deep into the search engines, or just take them out of their search engine listings all together. They are very clear about not building links intentionally.

Personally, if it were me, I would just skip over the link building and section 4 all together because in stage 5, Jay does teach a lot about social and if you pursue the methods that he teaches in stage 5 properly and you put a lot of work into them, you’re going to get a lot of natural backlinks anyways and you don’t really need to worry about stage 4. You don’t really need to worry about leaving those distinct patterns that could hurt your website down the road.

So that pretty much ties up today’s video review but before I go, I do want to talk about the kind of three types of people that will benefit from purchasing Screw95 and the three types of people that should not purchase Screw95 because they’re not going to be happy with what they get.

The types of people that should purchase Screw95 are people that are interested in building several websites, multiple websites. We’re talking 10, 20, possibly 30 websites that make smaller incomes. We’re talking from a few dollars a month to a few hundred dollars a month. That’s going to be very rare that a website like this, the type of website that Jay is teaching you how to build in Screw95 is going to make over a thousand dollars a month. You’re going to be building a lot of these.

The second type of person that should purchase Screw95 is someone that’s really into affiliate marketing, they’re just trying to round themselves out a little bit better, pick up a few new strategies or techniques because within Screw95, there is a lot of information to pick up on and really kind of dive into in and build yourself out as a better affiliate marketer.

The third type of person that should purchase Screw95 is anybody that’s looking to learn more about social because in stage 5, Jay teaches a lot about how to build social followings very fast on Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook. He covers all of the major ones, read it as well. He covers all of the major social networks and he does a really, really good job teaching that so even if you’re just interested in social, I think stage 5 is worth the $97 price of admission in and of itself.

So the three types of people that shouldn’t buy Screw95 is someone that is looking to build maybe one or two or three larger websites that are updated regularly. As you update them regularly, you start to build more and more revenue of a few thousand dollars a month, per site eventually if you really stick with it. If that’s the strategy, the approach you want to take to affiliate marketing, Screw95 is not going to teach you that at all.

Another kind of person that should not buy Screw95 is anyone that’s looking for a shortcut. Even though this is not the traditional approach, it’s kind of unconventional, it is still not a shortcut. There is going to be a lot of hardwork, a lot of time and effort that needs to go into building these sites.

The third type of person that shouldn’t purchase Screw95 is someone that’s just looking, something that teaches affiliate marketing in general because again, Screw95 teaches a very specific type of affiliate website, kind of an e-commerce type website. There are definitely things to pick up that will round you out as an affiliate marketer but it doesn’t teach the holistic view of affiliate marketing. It doesn’t go into cost per acquisition, pay per acquisition marketing which is huge in affiliate marketing and how a lot of major affiliate marketers make their income. It focuses on this one very specific type of product related website that only applies to certain niches which Jay does a very, very good job explaining.

That’s it for today’s review. I hope you found that helpful. If you do want to see the full review with all of the juicy details and screen shots and just kind of blow by blow, make sure to click the logo in the bottom right hand corner and you’d be taken to this review on the website.

Until next time, thank you so much for watching. My name is Ian Pribyl from and I look forward to speaking with you again soon. Stay safe out there.