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Legit Online Jobs promises that they’re going to show you how to make money by posting short text ads for major companies and you’re just going to be able to build this awesome business online from home after you buy their product. What you’ll quickly find after you buy the product and get into it is that it couldn’t be further from the truth We’ll talk about all of the reasons why in today’s review from

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What you’ll figure out very quickly after you finish purchasing Legit Online Jobs and you get into their members’ area is that their sales page was just completely full of crap. When you look over the sales page and they talk about all of the different ways they’re going to make you money by posting text ads for large companies, it makes it kind of sound like a data entry position, like you’re just going to be posting these ads online and, hey, that sounds really simple and easy and, hey, if I can make money that way and they can show me how, I’ll buy this product.

But you’ll realize very quickly after you get into the members’ area that’s not what you’ve signed up for at all. They tell you to go create an account with Clickbank which is something that you can do 100% for free on your own. If you wanted to go set up an account with Clickbank right now, you could go to and sign up for a free account. You don’t need Legit Online Jobs to do that. Besides that, these Fortune 500 companies that they listed, these massive very established companies are not listed in Clickbank. Immediately, you know you’ve been lied to in the sales page.

And so as your palms start to sweat and you start to wonder and worry, oh my gosh, did I buy into another illegitimate product? You get into their “strategies” that they’re going to teach you and that is take these products on Clickbank now that you’ve created your free account there and go post ads on classified sites. Post two-or three-line ads on craigslist, on all kinds of classified sites you nor me have ever heard of and that’s how you’re going to make money with Legit Online Jobs. Just go post these short ads and there’s no training, there’s no training as to how to do this, how to write a good ad, what you should say, what you should go for, none of that. Just this massively overwhelming list of sites that you should go post ads on.

They presented this product on the sales page as something that was very auto-pilot kind of set and forget, something that you could set up and it would run on its own but that’s not what you’re delivered at all. You’re just going to be sitting at your computer posting ads on unknown classified sites all day long just staring at a computer screen.

What you’ll completely find after you discover all of these is you’ll start clicking through the massive list of classified sites that’s just overwhelming and confusing and finding that many of them don’t even work anymore. These are just dead links that lead to nowhere. There’s nothing there for you. You could’ve googled on the Internet free classified websites and receive the list that’s kept up to date and that doesn’t have a bunch of dead links. If you wanted to try this strategy, go sign up for a Clickbank account for free and then go find that free list of free classified sites to post on and you essentially have the product that Legit Online Jobs is paying for but probably, at an even higher quality because theirs has been neglected and outdated to the point that you’re just clicking around in a mess of tangled broken links.

What you find as you continue going through the Legit Online Jobs members’ area is that there is just nothing in here that’s a viable way to make money from home to build an Internet business. And so you were promised some strategies that would run on auto-pilot so that you could go post short classified ads or short ads for large companies and make money. What you’re delivered is something with zero training in it. You’re delivered a massive overwhelming list of classified sites that you’ve probably never heard of because they’re so low quality and that’s what Legit Online Jobs is calling a product.

So if that’s what you were thinking you’re going to sign up for when you look for Legit Online Jobs review, then go for it. That’s exactly what it is. But something tells me based on the way they presented it on their sales page which personally I believe is very deceptive versus what they deliver to you as a product after you’ve paid are just complete opposites. There couldn’t be any more of a difference. That is why I absolutely cannot recommend Legit Online Jobs.

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