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In today’s review, we’re going to be discussing another low quality product by a guy named Marvin Williams called Build My Income Daily. Unless your goal in buying Build My Income Daily is to sell as many copies of the product as possible, then you should probably avoid this product at all costs. All of those details and more in today’s review from

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As I mentioned in the intro to this video, the first thing you’ll notice when you get into the Build My Income Daily product is that you’ve just got a blueprint for how to sell more copies of Build My Income Daily. So you just bought a product that teaches you how to sell the same product and make Marvin Williams more money.

That doesn’t sound quite right to me. I don’t know how it sounds to you. The big problem with this is that Build My Income Daily is sold through Clickbank and you can actually become an affiliate for Clickbank for free, meaning that you don’t have to pay anything to start selling copies of Build My Income Daily and making commissions anytime someone buys it.

The next big problem is that as you’re going through the product and you’re reading a lot of the traffic strategies, if you’ve ever experienced Internet marketing or you’ve ever been any kind of successful in Internet marketing, you’ll notice that the traffic methods that Marvin Williams pushes within Build My Income Daily are extremely outdated and ineffective. One of the first things you’ll notice is that Marvin Williams pushes you into paid advertising. He recommends paid advertising as the fastest way to start making money.

The only really big problem with that is if you’re pretty new to Internet marketing which most of the people buying this product will be, paid advertising can be a really, really dangerous form of traffic because you can spend a lot of money without making any money. That’s usually what happens when people are new to this industry because there’s so much to learn. You have to learn about conversion optimization, about capturing e-mails and all kinds of other things to make sure that your website is generating as much money as possible.

So if someone at an entry level product says here’s our product, here’s some really basic training, now go on and start buying ads. It’s really good for them, it’s really good for Marvin Williams because if you make any sales at all, he’s going to make money. But if you lose all of your money, say you lose hundreds or thousands of dollars, following the paid traffic methods which aren’t taught very well within the product, then you’re out a few hundred dollars or a couple thousand dollars and Marvin Williams hasn’t lost anything so it’s a win-win for him but it’s a lose-lose for you.

If you push past the bad advice buying solo ads and spending money on paid advertising and paid traffic methods, then what you’ll find in the free traffic section is more of the same. You’ll find a lot off highly ineffective, many outdated traffic strategies within Build My Income Daily. Examples of these are posting a few lines within a classified site online, going to forums and posting links back to your website trying to sell the product, posting links on social networks so that your friends will go and buy this product.

Mainly what you’re getting when you go to these free traffic sections, you’re not getting training, you’re not getting good training which it wouldn’t really matter if you did because these are really old and ineffective strategies as I said. They were effective at one point in time but that was many, many years ago. The Internet has evolved a lot since then so what you’ll get when you get into these free traffic sections is not training. You’ll just get huge lists of things like classified sites that you can post which you could’ve just found online for free.

If you decided, hey, I’m going to try this affiliate marketing thing, I want to go online and post classified ads with my affiliate link and see if I can make some money, you could just get online and search the Internet for a list of free classified websites that you can post to and it would be equivalent to or better than what Marvin Williams has given you as a paying customer in Build My Income Daily.

That’s the final reason why this product just doesn’t check out and there’s no way in the world that I can recommend Build My Income Daily because it just doesn’t set you up for success.

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