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Mike Deese presents My Advertising Pays as an effective way to get traffic to your website and start building your online business but what you find after you sign up for the product and if you really get into it, is you’ll find a waste of your money, a waste of your time and you’ll have nothing to show for it in the end. We’re going to talk about all of the reasons why in today’s review of My Advertising Pays from

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The biggest flaw with My Advertising Pays is just the type of system it is. My Advertising Pays is a traffic exchange system. Traffic exchange systems produce really low quality, unqualified, untargeted traffic to your website when you need as a business owner whether you’re running a local business or an affiliate marketing business or you’re running a website that sells products through e-commerce, you need highly qualified, targeted traffic from within your traffic audience because that’s the only kind of traffic that converts.

So what you’re actually getting with My Advertising Pays is the opposite of that. It’s not just My Advertising Pays, it’s any traffic exchange program because this is how they work. You have a whole bunch of people sitting on their computers at home and they’re just clicking from one’s website to the next to the next just like you would if you were trying to earn credits with the traffic exchange program. You would click on the site, stay on it for a few seconds, click to another site, stay on it for a few seconds because you’re just trying to build as many credits as possible. Every site you click on is another credit.

You’re not really interested in what you’re looking at. You don’t really care what the website is selling. It’s not a good opportunity for that website owner to reach you, someone that they don’t even know what your buying demographics are, what your triggers are, what you’re looking for. You’re just on their website to earn a credit so that’s someone who click through to your site.

Once you do earn the credits and people are coming through to your site, you’re getting the exact same untargeted, unqualified traffic that couldn’t care less about your product I’d say 90 to 95% of the time, if not more, because all they’re doing is clicking through from one website to the next, to the next to try and get as many credits as possible so that they can get the same unqualified, untargeted traffic to their website and not make any conversions.

Another way that My Advertising Pays seeks to make money off of their customers is by selling what they call credit packs. The lowest expense, the lowest cost one is $49.99, so let’s just call it $50, and you will receive 550 clicks on your text ads that you post within the members’ area for your $50. Again, let’s just step back and think about why people are on My Advertising Pays clicking all of these text ads. My Advertising Pays promises to give them profit share so they pay people to click a high volume of ads. The more ads they click, the more websites they visit, the more profit share that they’re going to receive.

Again, if we get the mentality of the people that are on My Advertising Pays, they just want to get paid. They’re just making a few cents per hour, probably, clicking around on all these websites and they’re clicking to yours because you paid $50 for a credit pack to post an ad on My Advertising Pays. They click through that ad, they stay for a few seconds, they go away, they disappear into the night. It’s not qualified, targeted traffic which is what your website needs to make money.

The third and final reason that I strongly caution you to not get involved with My Advertising Pays is if you decided, you saw this review and say, okay, I want to try it anyway, you go and sign-up, you spend all of these money, all of these effort and you have nothing to show for in the end, you might as well have set all of your energy and all of your money on fire. There is no refund. There is a no refund policy within My Advertising Pays.

If you sign up and you find out that it’s not effective at all like I’m talking about because you’re getting unqualified, untargeted traffic to your website, then there’s nothing you can do about it except to walk away and try something else and keep on heading down the road because you’re not going to get any money back that you’ve put in to My Advertising Pays or Mike Deese.

That and the other reasons that I’ve discussed within this product review are why I absolutely cannot recommend My Advertising Pays by Mike Deese. It’s just not going to give you the results that it promises when you sign up for it, when you’re on the homepage filled with all kinds of spammy, junky advertisements that’s cluttered and overwhelming, I mean that should be your first sign. If that’s the kind of quality product you’re going to be signing up for, you’re going to get low quality traffic, unqualified traffic and you’re just not going to be able to convert it int money for your business. That’s why I absolutely can’t review this product positively.

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