I’ve purchased and reviewed dozens of products over the past couple of years, and I am 100% committed to exposing every scummy product that I find. Wealthy Affiliate, however, really took me by surprise. With a name like “Wealthy Affiliate” I was expecting a pretty routine kind of “scum that grows between the bathroom tiles” negative review.

What I actually found was regularly added, up-to-date training, a very active and supportive community on a social platform that encourages interaction, and the best internet marketing product I’ve ever found due to very few drawbacks. Is it a scam? Definitely not. I’ll outline the strengths and weaknesses in my Wealthy Affiliate review below, and I’ll explain why it’s a great product for beginners and intermediate affiliate marketers alike.


The Best Thing About Wealthy Affiliate: It’s Free!

Well, kind of. Something I’d never seen in other products was the ability to create a free account to get a “taste” and decide whether or not the product is right for you. No payment information required – just your name, email address, a desired username, and password.

creating a free account at wealthy affiliate

Of course you don’t have access to everything as a free member, but you have access to a heck of a lot. There’s more training in the free membership at Wealthy Affiliate than I see in most paid programs that I ultimately end up tearing to shreds because they’re so low-quality.

The free membership at Wealthy Affiliate comes with a couple of restrictions. There’s limited access to training as I mentioned above, but you also have limited access to the community.

Wealthy Affiliate is setup on a platform very similar to social media sites like Facebook which creates a living, breathing learning environment where you can chat with other members, post questions on lessons/training that you’re unsure about, etc… With a free account you only have 7 days to explore these communication options. After that, you need to be a premium member to comment, chat, and post to other members’ profiles. The benefits of communication within the members’ area will become clearer throughout the rest of this review. If you’d rather just check it out for yourself, you can create a free Wealthy Affiliate account here.


Pro #1: A Clear, Step-by-Step Path is Set Out for You

I think one of the biggest challenges most people face when new to affiliate/internet marketing is confusion about what to do first, then what comes after that, then after that, etc… You’re taking in a lot of information, so if it’s not given to you in the correct order it can be VERY overwhelming.

Kyle and Carson (the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate) tackled this by creating a few step-by-step courses. The main set of courses is called “Online Entrepreneur Certification” and there are currently four levels, which are regularly updated to incorporate new techniques and remain up-to-date. Here’s a screenshot of level one, which you can access 100% of with a free account:

online entrepreneur certification level one at wealthy affiliate

When you click on one of the lessons, it opens up into several easy-to-tab-through pages of instructions with video, images/diagrams, step-by-step text instructions, and a checklist to complete before moving on to the next lesson.

sample wealthy affiliate training

As a free Wealthy Affiliate member, you’re limited to the first level of Online Entrepreneur Certification, but if you like what you see and end up going premium, you’ll have access to the other three levels as well as a TON of other training, which I’ll cover in the next section of this review. Level one of Online Entrepreneur Certification covers getting started and setup (choosing a niche, picking keywords, technical site setup, etc…). Levels two through four cover getting traffic to your site, how to make money off of that traffic, and how to improve social sharing and engagement (which is a vital component of search engine rankings now):

descriptions of levels 1-4 of wealthy affiliate's online entrepreneur certification

Summary of Pro #1: Wealthy Affiliate gives you a clear, step-by-step from the very beginning (setting your site up), through generating traffic, then making money and master social engagement. You’re significantly less likely to get overwhelmed and give up, and your likelihood of succeeding in affiliate/internet marketing increases tremendously when following organized training. If you’ve read enough and just want to go check it out for yourself, you can create a free account at Wealthy Affiliate (no payment info required) and work through level one of their Online Entrepreneur Certification.


Pro #2: A MASSIVE Amount of Training (and More Added Daily)

When I say that there’s a massive amount of training at Wealthy Affiliate, I mean there’s a MASSIVE amount of training. In addition to the very clear, step-by-step created by co-founders Kyle and Carson, other community members and internet marketers are incentivized to share their best tips and tricks by creating their own training. Because of this, the level of high-quality, helpful training at Wealthy Affiliate increases daily.

Most of this takes place in the “Classrooms” section, which is a feature within Wealthy Affiliate that allows you to drill deeper into any individual topic you want to know more about. For example, if you get caught up in keyword research or choosing a niche, you can head over to the Keyword, Niche, and Market Research classroom and dig through additional lesson there.

You can also read through discussions, ask questions, etc… but I’ll go into greater detail regarding the communication aspects of Wealthy Affiliate in my next point. For now, here’s what the Keyword, Niche, and Market Research classroom looks like:

screenshot of niche and market research in wealthy affiliate

There isn’t much regarding affiliate/internet marketing that isn’t covered very well at Wealthy Affiliate. There are several different categories for you to look through and learn from in the “Classrooms” section. Here’s a screenshot of all the categories you can dig into deeper to find hundreds of extra tutorials, video lessons, training courses, and discussions:

categories of wealthy affiliate's classrooms section

If you decide to create a free account, you’ll be limited to the “Getting Started” and “WA Affiliate Program” sections, but if you like what you see and decide to upgrade to the premium membership, you’ll have unlimited access to all of the training, discussions, tutorials, and videos in every classroom. If you have trouble finding what you’re looking for, you can always search for a question and see what training/discussions pop up. As you type, Wealthy Affiliate begins suggesting training, videos, and discussions that might be what you’re looking for:

searching for other lessons at Wealthy Affiliate

Summary of Pro #2: Not only is there clear, step-by-step training at Wealthy Affiliate, but you also have the ability to drill down deeper into every topic and sub-topic you might get stuck on regarding internet or affiliate marketing. Almost every questions you could ask is answered in their library of training, videos, and tutorials.


Pro #3: Interaction with Other Members and Internet Marketing Experts

In my opinion, this is the biggest strength of Wealthy Affiliate. If you read something in a lesson that you’re unsure about, just post a comment at the bottom of the training with your question (click the image below to see larger version):

posting comments on lessons

If your question doesn’t tie directly to a specific lesson, go over to the “Classrooms” section and rather than looking at different training, videos, or tutorials, start a discussion with your question:

creating a discussion at wealthy affiliate

When you create a discussion at Wealthy Affiliate, other community members and experienced internet marketers will come along and help you. This is a really great thing to do if you get stuck somewhere, or you need advice from more experienced internet marketers that have “been there, done that” and can tell you whether or not you’re headed in the right direction. The co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate are commonly seen interacting with and helping members in discussions like this.

The last aspect of communication within Wealthy Affiliate that I want to highlight is interacting directly with other community members, and their ability to interact directly with you. Just like most social media sites, you’ll setup a profile with a picture and brief bio at Wealthy Affiliate. If someone wants to interact with you, they can stop by your profile and leave a comment:

leaving comments on other members profiles

Or if you have something you want to say to another member but you don’t it to be displayed publicly (say for example you’re asking someone to look at your website or asking for their opinion on the niche you’ve picked), you can always send them a private message. You can also private message the founders, Kyle or Carson, if you need their help with something. Note: Private messaging is restricted to premium members only.

sending a private message to one of the co-founders (Kyle) at wealthy affiliate

As I mentioned earlier in this review, you’ll only have communication abilities within Wealthy Affiliate for the first 7 days. This means that if you sign up for a free account, you’ll be able to leave as many comments on training, videos, and tutorials, you’ll be able to post to anyone’s profile, and you’ll be able to create discussions for the first 7 days. After that 7 days runs out, you’d have to be a premium member to interact and communicate within the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Summary of Pro #3: Wealthy Affiliate is a living, breathing community that you can interact with, seek support, and learn from. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Sometimes it can feel very lonely in internet marketing as very few products provide support of any kind. To be able to tap into the knowledge of tens of thousands of other members will make it so that if you’re ever stuck or left with questions, you won’t feel stranded, alone, and hung out to dry.


Con #1: It Takes Some Getting Used To

So I know this is nit-picky in comparison to the pros that I laid out above, but I want to completely honest and disclose the things that you might encounter difficulty with at Wealthy Affiliate as well.

Just like any new technology or website, navigating all of the training and interacting with community members at Wealthy Affiliate will take some getting used to. You’ll have to learn where everything is located, which buttons you need to click to comment, reply to comments, send a private message etc… If you’re even moderately experienced with technology this shouldn’t be a problem at all. If you struggle with technology it’s still very intuitive and easy to learn, but it’ll take a week or two to get used to it.

Summary of Con #1: If you’re at all familiar with technology, Wealthy Affiliate’s members’ area is very easy to warm up to. If you’re not so good with technology, you might struggle getting familiar with it for the first week or two, but with some practice you’ll be able to access everything and navigate it like a pro after a week or two.


Con #2: Be Careful to Not Get Stuck in “Learning Only” Mode

You’ll be floored by how much training there is to go through at Wealthy Affiliate, especially if you like what you see as a free member and decide to become a premium member. On rare occasions, I can see this lead to people spending days or even weeks straight studying the lessons but not applying any of them and doing actual “work”. They just study, study, study away!

If you don’t start “doing”, it’s impossible to get anywhere. By all means take some time in the beginning to work through some lessons until you feel like you understand things, but you don’t have to know every step along the way before you begin building out your first site. Use the training as a guide as you work – don’t try and finish everything before you begin working.

Summary of Con #2: There’s a lot of information to cover and learn. You don’t have to know all of it before you begin working. Start building out your site, adding content, etc… as you work your way through the lessons. Don’t try to finish every lesson and THEN start working.


Other Cool Things at Wealthy Affiliate

The team at Wealthy Affiliate provides so much content, tools, training, bonuses, etc… that it’s impossible for me to cover all of it with a single review.  I’m pushing 2,000+ words in this review now and I want to be thorough, but not too long-winded.

There are other cool things that I haven’t mentioned like weekly live webinars, full web hosting is included with premium membership, the Wealthy Affiliate keyword research tool, etc… that you’ll find when you sign up for a free account that I haven’t covered in great detail here. There’s so much to explore and learn from.


Final Verdict: Do I Recommend Wealthy Affiliate?

Absolutely – hands down it’s the easiest product to recommend that I’ve ever encountered. I was really, really surprised at what a great product it was.

There aren’t a bunch of crummy upsells and it’s not some bogus, out-of-date training that’s five years old like I usually see. The co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson, have clearly prioritized helping their members above making as much money as possible. That’s something you don’t see very often in this industry.

If you’re still skeptical of whether or not Wealthy Affiliate is a good fit for where you’re at in your internet marketing journey, then I recommend signing up for Wealthy Affiliate’s free account (no payment info required) and checking it out for a few days. If you like what you see, upgrade and gain access to everything. If you don’t, you haven’t spent a dime and you can continue on your journey elsewhere!


My Exclusive Wealthy Affiliate Bonus (Not Available Anywhere Else)

If you check out Wealthy Affiliate and decide you love it, I have a few exclusive bonuses for my followers. I don’t give away this collection of bonuses away anywhere else. They’re 100% exclusive to my Wealthy Affiliate referrals. If you want to gain access to that bonus, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Sign up for a free trial at Wealthy Affiliate here
  2. Check out the training and community for a few days to see how you like it
  3. Upgrade to premium at the discounted rate ($19 for the first month) within 7 days
  4. I’ll send you the bonuses via a private message on Wealthy Affiliate
  5. Enjoy!


Interested in Taking a Video Tour?

If you’d like to take a video tour of the Wealthy Affiliate members’ area even before joining, you can watch my Wealthy Affiliate Video tour here.


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