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Review of ZNZ One and ZNZ Big Cash

Hey guys, Ian Pribyl here from NoMoreBSReviews.com. Today, we’re going to talking about a company called ZNZ, and they have a couple of products. One is called ZNZ Big Cash, and one is called ZNZ One. And of course, the ZNZ stands for ZipNadaZilch, which you probably knew if you’re watching this video.


Is ZNZ a Scam?

So the first thing you’re probably wondering is, is ZNZ a scam? And the answer is no, but there are some contingencies. I always give 100% honest reviews, and I’m going to give you a 100% honest review here too, because if it were me I would want nothing to do with ZNZ. But there are certain people watching this video that you will want something to do with ZNZ, and I’m going to tell you exactly if you’re that person, or if you’re the person that wants to cut ZNZ out. And in order for me to do that and for you to completely understand it, I need to explain something really quick, so stick with me for the new few seconds while I explain this.


First You Must FULLY Understand Affiliate Networks

In order to understand ZNZ, you need to fully understand the affiliate relationship with the advertiser. Okay? So let’s give an example, the advertiser is DIRECTV; DIRECTV says, “I’m going to pay $120 per lead an affiliate generates.” So, typically you can’t go directly to the advertiser as the affiliate, you have to go to something called an affiliate network, which many of you watching this video know, so just hang in there with me.


The affiliate network is going to take a cut of that $120 because they are a middleman, that’s what middlemen do, that’s the nature of their relationship, they act as the middleman, they act as the buffer and they take a cut. That’s just how it works, and that’s what affiliate networks are. They act as the middleman between you, the affiliate and the company, the advertiser, say for example, DIRECTV. So DIRECTV comes in with $120 offer to the affiliate network, the affiliate network takes that and the affiliate network pays you $100 and they skim some off of the top because they’re the middleman.


The Nature of the Middle Man

So, DIRECTV comes with an offer for $120, you make $100, affiliate networks makes $20, okay? That’s the nature of relationship between an affiliate, an affiliate network and an advertiser. When you get ZNZ Big Cash or ZNZ One, you’re wedging in another middleman, okay? Does that make sense? So, for example, DIRECTV comes and they say, “I’m going to pay $120.” The affiliate network says, “Awesome, we’re going to give each one of our affiliates $100.” And then ZNZ comes and they say, “Great, we’re going to give our affiliates $80.” So now you’ve wedged in another middleman, so there’s another fee that another middleman is going to take, and that is what ZNZ is. They’re just another middleman. You can go directly to the affiliate networks yourself if you would like, you just have to have a website.


“But How Do I Know if ZNZ is for Me?”

And that’s how you know if ZNZ is a good program for you, or if it’s something that you would rather cut out. Again, for me, I would rather cut them out, because I don’t want people with fingers in my wallet, that’s just me. I can build websites, they’re not hard to build, I taught myself the skill years ago and it took me a few days to do it. And I would recommend the same for you.


But if you are a person that is completely averse to building a website, there’s no way you want to learn how to build a website. Even if you’re a little tech challenged, you can build a website these days, we have tools that’ll teach you how to do it, and you can learn it really quickly. And then you don’t have to have that second middleman ZNZ in there, you can just go straight to the affiliate networks with your website, post the offers and with DIRECTV you’re going to make $100 instead of making $80 for example, okay? I don’t know exactly what ZNZ pays on DIRECTV, but that’s the nature of the relationship.


So now you have two middleman instead of one. I build websites, I’m an affiliate and I go straight to the affiliate network and I cut out that middleman, and I would recommend the same for you. But only you know if that’s something that you want to do, okay?


Real Examples of ZNZ vs. Direct from the Affiliate Networks

To help you decide, I’ve taken a few of the offers from ZNZ, and I’m going to tell you exactly what they pay for or what they pay if you go directly to the affiliate network. Equifax, on ZNZ acts as one credit and on Lead Kitchen, that’s an affiliate network, it pays $42. So if you gave that $4.95 trial away to someone, you would make $42, that’s if you’re straight with the affiliate network. If you’re connected through ZNZ, they’re going to take a fee too and you’re going to make less money.


Big Fish Games Unlimited, ZNZ again gives one credit and on PointClickTrack, that’s another affiliate network, you’re going to get paid $25 if you direct someone to that and they sign up.


CreditReport.com, ZNZ again is going to give one credit, but on ClickRover you’re going to make $32 if you give that away, okay?


DIRECTV, I use that as an example, if you go through ZNZ, again that’s only one credit, but if you go through Offer Alliance, an affiliate network, it’s $100, you make $100 for every lead you generate for DIRECTV as an affiliate; again, only if you’re connected directly to the affiliate network.


And the last one I’ll give as an example is GameDuell. ZNZ again one credit; it’s going to make you $22.50 on PointClickTrack.


Where to Find These Offers for Yourself

You can find a list of affiliate offers, it’s a free service, using a site called Offervault.com, Offervault.com is, you just put in a keyword and it’s going to spit out a huge list of affiliate offers for you to go, and it’ll actually link you to the affiliate network, so you can click and apply directly to them and cut ZNZ out.


So Really, Is ZNZ Right for You?

So is ZNZ right for you? Only you can answer that question. I’ve explained the relationship to you and now you have enough information to know if you want to be the person that doesn’t build a website and uses ZNZ as the middleman or if you build the website yourself and you direct people directly to the affiliate offer from the affiliate network, cut out that middleman and make more money.


So again, my name is Ian Pribyl from NoMoreBSReviews. If you have any questions or you want to look at other products or you want some free resources, there are tons of them on my website, a great e-book that I wrote myself for you to get started in affiliate marketing, I give away 100% free; there are videos, lessons, links to other websites, all absolutely free. They’re going to help you get started in internet marketing to make sure you’re not getting scammed out there.


So with that being said, I’m trying to keep you guys safe on the Internet, best of luck and I’ll talk to you soon.


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Summary: A product that is right for some, but not exactly right for just as many if not more
Description: ZNZ One and ZNZ Big Cash are great for some people, but absolutely awful for some. This review explains how you know which side you fall on.
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