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Review of Social Commissions by Adrian Morrison

Hey guys, Ian Pribyl here from NoMoreBSReviews.com. Today we are going to be talking about a product called Social Commissions by a guy named Adrian Morrison. And I will get into details here in a minute, but do not, do not, DO NOT buy Social Commissions by Adrian Morrison. It is an absolute piece of crap, and I will tell you all the details and I will break down the members’ area for you here in a minute.


What makes you so qualified?

But I want to tell you a little bit about me, so you know why I am qualified and a credible source when I tell you a product is crap. Like I said, my name is Ian. And I’ve been in internet marketing now for almost ten years. And so I’ve learned a lot. I know a lot about internet marketing and I made a lot of money in internet marketing. I know search engine optimization, I know paid advertising, I know all kinds of ways to get traffic. I know website construction. I know all these things and so I run that blog NoMoreBSReviews.com to protect people like you because I know what works and what doesn’t. So I can look at these products and tell you what doesn’t work.


Why Social Commissions sucks

And I can tell you without a doubt in my mind that Adrian Morrison’s Social Commissions is not going to get you any closer to making money on the internet than you are right now. And this is why: He tells you in the sales video that he is going to teach you how to make a bunch of money, affiliate commissions on Plenty of Fish. And there is a kind of a novelty there. Something new that you’ve never heard. Because people don’t pitch making money on Plenty of Fish, they use Google, and they use all these things, so that kind of piques your interest. And that’s the psychology he is exploiting.


What Adrian Morrison ACTUALLY teaches you

What he does, when you get into the members’ area, is he doesn’t talk to you about writing good sales copy, which you have to know if you want to write advertising that is going to get people to click your ads and buy your product. He doesn’t talk to you about landing pages, he doesn’t talk to you about what you need to do once you get that visitor to your site, to make money. All he does is he takes you into the Plenty of Fish advertising area, where you can buy ads, and he just clicks around and explains things. And he does it for about eight or nine videos. And that is the core of his product that he sold you. Now he is giving you all these bonuses, on how to market on Google, and how to market on Facebook and all these things, but you have to realize: I evaluate products based on what they say is going to make you money.


He says, “I am going to teach you how to make a whole bunch of money on Plenty of Fish,” so I evaluate it on that part of the product. The bonuses aren’t great either. It is a bunch of the same. Just kind of click here, click here, click here. But he never actually explains the mentality that you need to have, he never actually explains what you need to do in Social Commissions to make money. Adrian Morrison just goes in there, and he clicks around a whole bunch, and kind of gives you a glorified tour that you’ve paid $49 for when he sold you the Social Commissions product. Okay? It is not something worth paying for. There are a lot better products out there. You can do a lot better for yourself than Social Commissions by Adrian Morrison.


Is it a scam?

Would I say it is a scam? Not so much. You have to hit a pretty extreme side of things for me to say that your product is a scam. But when I was reviewing Adrian Morrison’s product, there is just no way that I could recommend it to any of my followers. Now I have over 1000 subscribers and it is growing rapidly every day. And so I couldn’t honestly get in front of this camera and tell my subscribers, “Buy Adrian Morrison’s Social Commissions.” It is just not worth it. It really isn’t.


You are going to get in there, you are going to get eight or nine videos that teach you how to click around and set an ad in Plenty of Fish. It is not going to tell you what you need to say in the ads, it is not going to tell you what you need to do on your pages. It is just buy an ad, link it to an affiliate page, with your affiliate link, and collect paychecks. And affiliate marketing does not work that way. You need to add more value to people, and you need to give them more incentive to buy, but more importantly you need to find a problem and fix it for them. And doing that will give them value. And if you do it honestly, you will build a following for life. Because they trust you and build credibility.


The Final Verdict

So final verdict: Do I say buy Adrian Morrison’s Social Commissions? I think it is probably clear by this point that I absolutely cannot recommend that. Do not buy Adrian Morrison’s Social Commissions. It is a waste of your time. It is a waste of your money. There are much better products out there.


And if you are interested in some of those products or more importantly if you are interested in some free resources on how to make it in internet marketing, I have got tons of them on my blog. I’ve got tons of reviews. And I actually have a really, really helpful e-book for too that I give away absolutely free of charge. So go ahead and check those out, NoMoreBSReviews.com.


Again, my name is Ian Pribyl and I am trying to keep you guys safe out there. Take care and I will talk to you soon. Bye-bye.


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Summary: An overpriced, glorified tour of POF’s ad system – Nothing to pay for
Description: Social Commissions by Adrian Morrison promises to teach you how to make money on Plenty of Fish, but really it doesn’t teach you anything. This review explains why.
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