• Easy to get a refund






  • It’s just a big PLR database
  • The PLR resources are poor quality
  • The training is not very helpful
  • The support is AWFUL
  • Hardly teaches you what to do with the PLR resources you paid for

Review of Killer Content by Socrates Socratous

Overall Grade: F


I just finished working my way through the entire Killer Content member’s area and HOLY CRAP! If you wanted to pay for a massive amount of sub-par private label rights (PLR) resources that were probably written by someone that was still learning English then look no farther! Killer Content by Socrates Socratous has you covered. If you wanted to sign up for a product will give you all of the tools and resources you need to work from home, well, you should keep looking. Let’s dig into why:


The Articles

The best way for me to illustrate the problem with these articles is to paste a paragraph from one of the first ones I read:


“Whether you want to experience the majestic casinos, though, or you are more concerned about consummating the whole marriage deal, there are plenty of things to do while on a Las Vegas romantic getaway.”


Okay ladies and gentlemen, let’s get real. What the hell did I just read?! I’ve paid to have articles written by native English speakers in the past, and I’ve also outsourced to other countries. I don’t outsource my writing any more because if you’re running a blog (which is one of the best ways to make money as an affiliate marketer), writing is your core competency! You never outsource your core competency! The sentence above was clearly written by someone that didn’t speak English as their first language and, unfortunately, the rest of the articles aren’t any better. Sure, you’re getting a massive amount of articles, but if you can’t use them what good are they to you?


The “Training”

The training area makes you think you’re going to learn really helpful stuff if you were judging by the titles, but then you click play and learn better. One of my favorites was entitled, “How to Double Your Optin List Conversion Rate”. That sounds great! So I click play to tell me how, and Socrates proceeds to teach me how to setup a split a split test for my opt-in form. Well that’s certainly not what I thought I was going to be taught by the title.


One of the real problems with this program is that a lot of time is spent teaching you tons of stuff that has NOTHING to do with making money with the PLR resources you’re given. Let’s assume the articles weren’t written by someone from another planet that spoke a language you can’t find anywhere on Earth. There are people that make some serious money with PLR articles and videos. But there are almost ZERO lessons that focus on that. Instead, you’re given a whole bunch of click-by-click walkthroughs like how to setup a WordPress site, setting up an email marketing campaign, and how to signup for an eBay account. That’s not something I need to pay for.


The REAL Problem

If Socrates giving you bad lessons and bad content isn’t the problem, then what is? How else could he be setting you up for failure? Well, the fact of the matter is – no new affiliate marketer should be trying to use PLR as the heart of their affiliate business. As a matter of fact, I’ve never met expert affiliate marketers that use PLR as the heat of their affiliate business. Sure, they have their place; like giving away a free eBook for opting in to your email list or tacking them on as a bonus to another product (which is how you usually see them used). I personally don’t use PLR resources because I don’t think they add much value to my followers’ lives, but I think almost all REAL affiliate marketers would agree – a product that is instructing you to build your affiliate marketing business around PLR resources is poor advice and a complete ripoff.


The Final Verdict

If you’re anything like me, you knew you were walking into something bad when the author, supposedly from a Mediterranean Island, claimed that his name was “Socrates Socratous”. Really?!! C’mon now… that’s pretty ridiculous. And the punches just keep on coming. After you checkout, you’re forced to watch an upsell where “Socrates” literally insults you repeatedly. He says things like, “If you aren’t interested in this offer, you don’t deserve to be watching this video.” I hate that crappy kind of pushy sales, and it was just one of the many ways Killer Content ticked me off. Should you buy it? Definitely not. There are much better products out there that you should save your money for.


If you have any questions or comments about this review, feel free to send me an email using my contact page, call me, or comment on this post! I do the absolute best I can to be a free resource for new affiliate marketers that are trying to change their lives and avoid getting scammed in this dog-eat-dog industry!


Killer Content reviewed by Ian Pribyl on .
Summary: Bad lessons, bad content, and poor direction
Description: Killer Content by Socrates Socratous fails to deliver any of the promises it makes on the sales page. Details in this review.
Rating: 1 out of 5.