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Review of Empower Network from an “All-In” Member


Hey guys, Ian Pribyl here from NoMoreBSReviews.com.  I wanted to talk to you today about a product called Empower Network, which I’ve been getting a lot of requests about and I am actually intimately familiar with.  Because I was in Empower Network. There is also a reason that I am now out of the Empower Network; I will get to that later.  And I was “all-in” meaning that I had spent over $5000 on their products because I was really committed to giving a very in-depth review. And the early stages of Empower Network  as far as I saw were very promising.


Now I am going to talk to you in a little bit about why really I can’t recommend Empower Network and why I actually think it is pretty dangerous. But first I want to talk to you about what’s good in Empower Network.


Is there ANYTHING good about the Empower Network?

In Empower Network there are some very valuable internet marketing lessons, some very, very good ones right up there with some of the best that I have seen in this industry, but they are really not until you get into the $1000 15K Formula, is the product, and also their $3500 product which is called the Masters Retreat.  As far as the $25 monthly recurring, there is almost no content of value in there.


What is in the “Inner Circle” $100/month product?

The $100, the Inner Circle membership they call it, is very unhelpful too.  It is a whole bunch of conference calls that are 1 to 3 hours long, where a lot of the fat cats, the bigwigs, are talking about how they are making several hundred thousand dollars a year, several hundred thousand dollars a month.  But there is not a whole lot of content in there as far as lessons and learning go.


What about the Costa Rica Intensive for $500?

The same thing with the $500 Costa Rica Intensive.  There is just not a whole lot of valuable information in there and there is actually a lot of outdated information in there.  So you are having to pay $1000 or $3500 to get into the really, really good content in Empower Network.  And a lot of people never make it that far.


As far as the $25 and $125 products, there is no doubt in my mind that those are not worth purchasing by themselves.  They work well coupled with the other stuff, some other better lessons that are really, really, really pricey.  And I will tell why I still can’t recommend it based on that because there are a whole lot of lessons out there in internet marketing that are much, much, much more valuable.


But why pay $1,000-$3,500 for good internet marketing training?

Yes, there are all kinds of scams and con artists out there, and a lot of really crappy products, but there are some really good ones, and they are like $30 or $50 a month.  You don’t have to spend over $5000 to get good information in this industry.  And that’s why even though the information within Empower Network is good, that is one of the reasons I still won’t recommend it.


Why I got “blocked” from the Empower Network

Now I’ll get into the story of why I’m not in Empower Network anymore. NoMoreBSReviews.com, and I had a member that joined Empower Network because I was referring people to it for a while. Like I said it, was very promising in the beginning.


One guy had actually purchased and he said, “No, I need to get out; I need to get a refund.” And this was about a month in to me being in the Empower Network.  And I said, “Oh, I forgot to review the refund process,” because that’s something I always review in my products as well just to make sure that people can actually get a refund if they need them.


So I got on the telephone with Support and I talked to them, and I said, “I need a refund” and I was all-in over $5000.  I said I need a refund.  I said something like my wife and I need the money and so the support representative said, “No, I am sorry, I can’t give you a refund on the $3500 product,” and I said, “Oh my gosh, my wife and I really need the money.” And she said, “I am sorry, I just can’t do it, you signed a piece of paper, so I can’t give you the money back.”


So I said, “Well, what if I were working with the Better Business Bureau, because I’ve seen you work very closely with people there.” She said, “You know, I still can’t.”  And so I said,“Okay” and she said she would process the refund and all of the other stuff.  And we hung up the phone.  I thought that was the end of it.  I thought I would just re-buy all of the products and be back in.  I thought, “That went okay.”


I was kicked out of Empower Network for mentioning the BBB

About ten minutes later, I got a phone call back from that support representative, and she said she had spoken with her supervisor and because I mentioned in passing, very casually, the Better Business Bureau, because I mentioned the BBB that they were going to block my account and that I would never be able to re-sign for Empower Network.


So I asked, “What about all of my members?”, because I had referred dozens of people into the Empower Network at that point and I had a team that I was responsible for.  And she said, “Well, they are just going to be passed up to your sponsor.”  And I said, “So there is nothing I can do?”  And she said,“No there is nothing you can do at this point.”  And so I was actually forced out of the Empower Network, I was kicked out of the Empower Network for basically being too thorough in my review process, and because I very casually mentioned in passing the Better Business Bureau.  And for me that was a huge red flag.


I could have gotten back in with a quick phone call

I know I could have called my sponsor because my sponsor and I had a really good relationship. I won’t mention his name, he was actually a really great person. But I wrote him an email, and told him what happened, and he said, “You should’ve contacted me, I could’ve gotten you back in.” And I knew that he could’ve gotten me back in.


But the point was: I was ostracized from a company for mentioning in passing the Better Business Bureau.  And for me there is something really shady about that.  And so that’s another reason why I can’t recommend the Empower Network; it’s because a company that ostracizes someone for very casually mentioning the Better Business Bureau is scary, in a way to me.  There is something shady.  It seems like something’s trying to be covered up.


The MAIN reason I can’t recommend EN

The third and main reason why I cannot recommend the Empower Network is because it ties back to what I said earlier:  You have to spend over $5000 to get all of the lessons and be all-in. And you do, if you really want to make a lot of money in that network, you do have to own all of the products, because you don’t qualify for the commissions until you own all of their products. So you go all-in, you go in $5125, and you get some decent training.


The problem is, and I am not trying to be negative here, because I am actually a really positive person.  I just want to be very realistic with you for a second because I think I owe that to the people I am speaking to in this review.  The $5,125, most people will likely never see that back by joining Empower Network.  I went to the conference here in Austin, Texas, where I live and there were tons of people that I spoke to that were all-in. They were all-in.  They were so excited, they were pumped up.  It was almost cult-like. It is like a cult-like following, following David Wood and David Sharpe.


These people weren’t making… I mean none of them even were making a few hundred dollars a month or a couple of hundred dollars a month.  We are talking about people that have spent $5000, and they are failing.  They are very failing very hard.  There is some good information in there, but they are being told things like ‘blog about anything’, ‘blog about whatever you want to blog about’ and ‘you can make money in this industry’.  And internet marketing doesn’t work that way.


You can’t just blog about “anything” like they instruct

When you build out a niche site, there are very specific things you have to write about to be successful. You can’t just write about anything. And that is the kind of direction that they were giving people.  So these people have spent over $5000.And they are failing.  And there is an extreme possibility, I am talking about somewhere between 90 to 95 percent chance, that anybody watching this review could be that person.  Because it is very, very hard to make it in this industry.  And 90% to 95% minimum of people that try to make it in this industry actually give up because it gets so hard.


Would you take $5,000+ from someone who didn’t have it to give?

The main reason why I can’t recommend Empower Network is because you are paying $5125 and sure, when someone else signs up for $5125 you are going to get paid $4625 which is a great payday.  But the problem is there is a distinct possibility that you’ve gone into financial hardship, charged it on your credit card to pay that $5000, or maybe you spent a good chunk of your savings.  And the people that you are recruiting are going to be in the exact same situation. They are going to be spending $5000 that they may not have.


A lot of people don’t have that kind of money sitting around.  So they are charging it to their credit cards with 20 percent interest rates.  And this is what it really comes down to:  Most of the people that you sign up with Empower Network will fail.  No doubt about it. There’s actually a lesson within Empower Network that talks about why it is okay to take those people’s money.


Within the Masters Retreat, it talks about why you shouldn’t feel bad about talking people’s money when they fail, because essentially they are just not working hard enough.  That is not always the case.  People try really really hard to make it.


So yes, you can make that $4,625 payday, but the thing is you are putting someone into a dire financial situation a lot of the time when you do that.  You are putting people between a rock and a hard place financially and you are benefiting from it. And that is what the Empower Network is built on.  And these guys that are being really successful and making several hundred thousand dollars a month – I am talking about Lawrence Tam, I am talking about Toby and Leyla Black, I am talking about Tony Rush.  Those guys are here at the very very top that are making a killing.  They are the ones on the phone calls, and the Inner Circle, and they are talking about how they are making so much money but they are not really teaching you a whole lot.


How are those guys making SO MUCH MONEY?!

A lot of those guys have huge MLM backgrounds.  If you research them, if you look at the pictures of them on Google Images, there are pictures of them where they were making a killing with all of these other MLMs.  We are talking about all of these other direct marketing companies.  They were very successful there and they took their network, and they took the skills they learned there, and brought them into Empower Network and made a killing.


These are not average people making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month for the most part. Sure, there may be a few of them, but the majority of the people including David Wood and David Sharpe, at least David Wood I know for sure has a huge MLM background.  And so if you are thinking about going into Empower Network, note that the $25 or $100 level you are not going to be getting a whole lot of content and a whole lot of lessons there, and also you are only going to qualify at the $25 and $100 commission levels.  And you can’t make a killing in this industry, making those $25 or $125 commissions.


It’s structured to encourage “Go Big or Go Home”

So you would have to buy up to the bigger products, and then when you buy into those products and you are getting other people to buy into those products, there is this despair like I need to get one person to sign up so that I can recover my money.  It is a snowball.  You are struggling to get one person, so you can recover your money, but then it is a cycle. Then they are in trouble. They are in financial hardship.  And they are struggling to get at least one person to pay for the $5125 plus over that they have already spent.  And almost everybody within the Empower Network – yes, almost everybody has made one $25 or one $100 commission.


Would you give $5,125+ for $25 or $125?

They did this thing at the convention where they were like:  If you’ve made a commission in Empower Network stand up, and they worked their way down to all these levels.  But the thing is if you’ve made $25 or $100 and you spent $5125 with $145 of it recurring every single month, you are probably not a very happy person. I wouldn’t exactly call that a success story and then act like it is some big huge thing.  The fact of the matter is most people, the vast majority of people that join Empower Network will never see that $5125 again, if they go all-in.


You’re called a “Wussy” if you don’t go “All-In”

There is a culture there, they call you a wussy, if you don’t go all-in. There is a culture there that makes you feel like you need to go all-in, like you will make it if you go all-in.  And the fact of the matter is, it is just really, really dangerous.  There is not a lot of content in the early stages. Once you do get into the later stages, and you’ve bought all that content. You could get equally valuable lessons in internet marketing for $50 a month.  And you wouldn’t have to worry about losing $5125.


So the vast majority of people in this industry struggle and a lot of them never make it.  So you can spend $50 a month and never make it, or you can spend $5125; it is a high risk.  I’m not saying you are never going to make it in internet marketing. Please don’t take it that way.  I am just saying that a lot of people don’t and a lot of people in the Empower Network never make their money back. And that’s why I cannot recommend the Empower Network.


Free resources are available to you here

Now if you are interested in some free internet marketing resources that point you in the right direction, so you don’t have to risk anything, you are not risking any money, I have a lot of them on my blog, I give a lot of very very valuable lessons, I have a free e-book that I wrote myself, that is very very helpful to get you pointed in the right direction and started down the right path in internet marketing. So you don’t have to go spend $5000 in Empower Network and risk that kind of money.  I give you enough valuable free resources, so you know whether or not this industry is a good fit for you early on before you waste any money.


Closing thoughts about the Empower Network

So that’s my review of Empower Network. I hope you found it helpful. I hope you found it insightful. Again, please don’t take this negative. I do think absolutely everyone can make it in internet marketing. It just takes a lot of work, and a lot of effort. And if you are committed to putting in those hours and a lot of that effort, you can absolutely make it. Don’t feel like you can’t.  Just make sure that you know going into it, this is going to be a lot of work. And that is why a lot of people end up giving up. It’s because they’re not ready for all that work. But if you are ready for it, you can absolutely make it in this industry.  You just need to be pointed in the right direction.


So check out my blog NoMoreBSReviews.com for those free resources.  I am sorry for running almost 15 minutes, I just had a lot to say about Empower Network. It works that way, I’ve had so many experiences with them I just had a lot to say.  So I hope you all found this helpful.  I hope you stay safe out there on the internet.  And until next time, again my name is Ian Pribyl, from NoMoreBSReviews.com.  Take care and  I will talk to you guys later.  Bye bye.


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