DotComSecrets X’s founder, Russell Brunson, uses things like an old endorsement from Tony Robbins and a bogus “Don’t pay me until you’re making money” sales pitch to earn your trust, but what will he do once he has it? Well that’s what we’ll look at in this review.dotcomsecrets x members' area



  • Tony Robbins endorsed Russell Brunson at one point in time?
  • Some of DotComSecrets X could be applied to other products
  • Support refunded my purchase within a few days


  • DotComSecrets X only teaches you how to promote Russell Brunson’s other products
  • You can’t move at your own pace; only allowed access to 7 days of material at a time
  • Russell promotes Empower Network within the DCS members’ area
  • All-in-all this product is more about making Russell money more than helping you


Ever Wanted to Make Russell Brunson Rich?

One of my biggest problems with DotComSecrets X is that it is COMPLETELY centered around selling Russell Brunson’s other products. You’re not being taught affiliate or internet marketing, you’re being taught how to make Russell Brunson more money by multiplying his sales on his other products.

just promoting Russell's other products


I don’t know about you, but if the only way someone can teach me to build a successful business is by selling their other products, I don’t consider that person a qualified expert to teach me internet and affiliate marketing. Would most people buy DotComSecrets X if they had known it was nothing but promoting Russell Brunson’s other products on the back end? Probably not.


Even worse than all of that is what a layer of crap this spreads across the internet. If I tell you I’m going to teach you how to create a successful internet business but deliver nothing but a bunch of lessons on how to sell my other products, would you still trust me? I certainly hope not. Even worse than that, would you start trying to sell my products across the internet and setting other people up for that exact same experience?


Products like DotComSecrets X create sort of a “ripple effect”. If you use the methods you’re taught in the lessons, you’re just playing a role in spreading a crappy, scammy, non-legitimate product across the internet and setting other people up to start building Russell Brunson’s empire too. If you’re anything like me, you want nothing to do with that.


Forced to Move Through DotComSecrets X Material Slowly

Remember on the DotComSecrets X sales page when Russell told you that he would let you pay him back once your business started making money? Well, as it turns out that’s a load of crap. It was just a shady sales tactic that he used to get you to buy the product. You’re going to be billed $97 a month from the day you signed up regardless of whether or not you’re making money.


What adds to the deception is that you aren’t given access to the entire product all at once. You’re only given access to 7 days of DotComSecrets X at a time. So if you want to see lesson #8 the day you purchase, you’re pretty much screwed:

forced to be a member for at least two months

Actually, you’re very much screwed. The same would happen if you tried to view lesson #15 during week two, lesson #22 during week three, etc… This FORCES you to stay on as a DotComSecrets member for a minimum of 83 days if you want access to the entire members’ area. I prefer to anchor down and learn as much material as I can at once, so limiting me to seven days at a time is a real downfall of DotComSecrets X in my opinion, and all it does is ensure that Russell Brunson makes a minimum of two $97 monthly fees off of you. So much for trusting Russell.


HUGE Red Flag: Russell Pushes Empower Network in DCS

I’ve made my experiences and opinion of Empower Network very well known earlier this year. So whenever I see a prominent internet marketing figure promoting it, I know that person cares more about making money than they care about helping people. And that’s just what Russell does in DotComSecrets X.

russell brunson promotes the Empower Network

Do you remember how I told you that almost all of the offers you’re told to promote within DCS X are Russell Brunson’s products or products that he collaborated on and owns a part of? Well there is ONE product that he recommends within DotComSecrets X that isn’t one of his own, and that is the Empower Network.


This was the point in my review that I knew without a doubt that Russell was more concerned with making money than he was about helping you start an internet business. EN is not where you refer people if you want them to get the best training. EN is where you refer people if you want to make as much money off of them as you possibly can.


If you join Empower through Russell Brunson’s link in the DotComSecrets X members’ area, you’ll be placed into a sales funnel that could cost you over $5,000 and make Russell over $4,600 in commissions. In return you’ll receive mostly rehashed, low-grade internet marketing training and be viewed by most respectable internet marketing figures as a member of a cult. That’s how much Russell cares about your success.


My Final Verdict on DotComSecrets X

If you’ve scrolled over the entire review just to get to this section, here’s the take home message: DotComSecrets X is a scam. The entire program is rigged to make its founder, Russell Brunson, as much money as possible and the success of your internet business is a significantly lower priority.


There’s just no other way to cut it. DotComSecrets X is a ripoff and should be avoided at all costs.


dotcomsecrets x is a scam


Share Your Experiences!

Do you have any experiences with DotComSecrets X or other products from Russell Brunson that you want to share? I’d love to hear about them! Please tell me all about it in the comments below!


DotComSecrets X reviewed by Ian Pribyl on .
Summary: There are so many reasons to avoid DotComSecrets X by Russell Brunson
Description: Russell Brunson’s DotComSecrets X is 100% geared toward making him money, NOT helping you start an internet business. Read more in this review.
Rating: 1 out of 5.

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