Mike Deese presents My Advertising Pays as an honest way to earn money by clicking on ads. In reality, this product is just a rehashed version of outdated, worthless traffic exchange programs that have flooded the internet. But M.A.P. is actually worse, since you’ll have to spend money to purchase “Credit Packs” for $50 each. In this My Advertising Pays review, I’ll explain why the traffic that you’d be purchasing is a complete waste of money and why Mike Deese’s product is a one-way street to losing cash.

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Why You Can’t Build a Business on Traffic Exchanges

The key to earning money online is attracting quality traffic to your website and converting it into sales. Some beginners hoping for a shortcut fall for the “traffic exchange” trap, which means trading traffic with other website owners. Basically, you click on a link to someone’s website, and in return some random person visits your site.

The problem with My Advertising Pays and all other traffic exchanges is that they’re sending spammy, unqualified traffic to your site and there’s zero chance of converting these visitors into commissions. The only reason that these visitors are vistiing your website in the first place is to earn credit, and they couldn’t care less about the actual content on your site. Traffic exchanges compile a random list of websites that usually have extremely thin content, as you can see from the My Advertising Pays traffic exchange below.

My Advertising Pays Traffic ExchangeSince the traffic is completely untargeted and likely not at all related to what your site is about, the visitors from traffic exchanges have extremely poor conversion rates. This means that visitors only stay on your site for a few seconds, just enough to earn credit with the traffic exchange.

Experienced marketers stay away from traffic exchanges because they know it’s impossible to earn commissions this way, and ultimately it’s just a complete waste of time. Visitors from traffic exchanges are some of the lowest-quality visitors a person can get on their website, and My Advertising Pays is no exception.


My Advertising Pays’ $50 “Credit Packs”

With most traffic exchanges, all you lose is the time that you invest clicking on spammy links.

My Advertising Pays Earning Claims

 The thing that makes My Advertising Pays even worse is, in order to be eligible to earn money, you first have to invest in a “Credit Pack”, and each one costs a whopping $50.

My Advertising Pays Credit PacksThis $50 is being spent on completely worthless traffic. The Credit Boosters for sale are just as worthless, and it’s nearly impossible to earn money as an internet marketer using traffic exchanges like this.


“But Mike Deese is Just Like Me, Right?”

Mike Deese goes out of his way to make My Advertising Pays seem like an honest, family-friendly business, but don’t fall for the lies. After all, trying to convince unsuspecting people to invest in traffic exchanges is far from the values that he preaches.

My Advertising Pays Hype

If you make a poor choice and invest in one of his Credit Packs, that money is gone forever. You might as well have just set it on fire. And as opposed to legitimate work-from-home systems, there is absolutely no refund policy with My Advertising Pays.

My Advertising Pays Refund PolicyAnother red flag is that the site is filled with spammy advertisements. It seems as if Mike Deese is much more interested in earning money than in providing a quality product to his customers. As you can clearly see, almost the entire homepage is filled with “sponsored advertisements” for low quality sites.

My Advertising Pays site spam


Conclusion: Traffic Exchanges Aren’t Worth Your Money

Mike Deese hopes to put a new spin on the old “traffic exchange” programs which most people already know to avoid. Unfortunately, the traffic from My Advertising Pays is no better than the low-quality traffic from similar exchanges, so don’t count on making any sales. Even worse, Mike charges $50 for their “Credit Packs”, which are massively overpriced considering their low value. All-in-all this product won’t get you a single step closer to owning a successful internet marketing business – it’s just another product publisher trying to get a piece of your hard-earned money.


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