Gary Mitchell writes on the Get Cash For Surveys sales page that he earns $3,000 a month through filling out paid surveys. Unfortunately, once you enter the members area you will find that the Get Cash For Surveys website is extremely disorganized. Most of the surveys you’ll find there don’t even pay cash, and instead you’ll be filling out surveys in exchange for “points” or entry into a sweepstakes. It’d be nearly impossible for Gary Mitchell’s claim of earning $3,000 a month through Get Cash For Surveys to be true.


Misleading Members Area

When you first enter the members area, you select your home country so that Get Cash For Surveys can show you the appropriate surveys. I selected the United States and was immediately given a long list of surveys to choose from. The first thing you notice is that there is absolutely zero organization in how these links are organized—you have no idea how much cash each site pays for each survey or how long each survey takes, and you don’t know which sites even pay cash to begin with (most don’t).


Disorganized Members Area


Some links aren’t even actual surveys and just take you to promotional offers of other sites. This should sound some alarms in your head, because it means that Get Cash For Surveys is making a profit from affiliate commissions when you complete these surveys. When you buy Get Cash For Surveys, you’re supposed to get access to paid surveys, but instead they’ll be making a profit off of you.


Besides for these major problems, there is another problem with the members area—dead links and surveys that are no longer available. When you put all of these facts together—the inability to sort the surveys by cash or time, the fact that some of the “surveys” are promotional offers, and the dead links—there’s little reason to waste your money on this product.


Surveys With Dead Links

Surveys Don’t Pay Cash

On the Get Cash For Surveys sales page, Gary Mitchell writes very clearly that he earns $3,000 a month in cash by filling out surveys. He shows screenshots showing Paypal payments and checks that he received in the mail, so he makes you think that you’ll be receiving cash when you fill out surveys.


Misleading Claim About Earning Cash


The problem is that most of the Get Cash For Surveys links don’t even pay cash for their surveys. Most of them offer some type of “points” system or the chance to win prizes in a raffle. For example, at first it seems from the website below that you can earn $5 – $25 in cash for completing each survey, but when you read closely you’ll see that all you’re getting is the chance to win that money in a raffle.


Survey That Doesn't Pay Actual Cash


This is a big red flag, since this is not what Gary Mitchell describes on the Get Cash For Surveys sales page. I was expecting to get paid cash for filling out surveys, not to be entered into some raffle that I probably have a very small chance of winning.


Takes Tons Of Time

I finally found a link in the members area that paid you “points” that you could eventually turn into cash. The problem with these sites is that it’s basically impossible to actually fill out enough surveys to earn cash this way. Below you can see a screenshot from a survey site that uses this model for paying rewards.


Difficult To Earn Cash From Points


On one survey site, I filled out a survey only to find out that I would need to spend several hours filling out surveys before I would qualify for a $20 reward. After I did the math, the paid reward came out to only a couple of dollars an hour, and I would’ve had to work 1,000 hours a month to earn as much money as Gary Mitchell claims on the sales page.


That is why I find his claim on the Get Cash For Surveys sales page to be extremely unrealistic, and I cannot recommend paying for membership to this site.


Summary: Don’t Expect To Earn Cash

Don’t believe Gary Mitchell’s claim on the sales page that you can earn $3,000 a month in cash by filling out his surveys. First of all, the Get Cash For Surveys members area is extremely disorganized and there are lots of dead links mixed in. Many of the websites don’t even pay cash and just offer you “points” or raffle tickets for prizes that you’ll probably never win. Lastly, even when it comes to survey sites that let you convert points into cash, it would take a huge number of hours before you saw your first earnings. For all of these reasons, I advise you to stay far away from this product.


Your Opinion Counts

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