David Sharpe and David Wood have created a wildly popular internet marketing program called Empower Network which has sparked a lot of interest in many people hoping to make a living online. There are several tiers of membership, and I personally went “all-in” to get the full picture so I could write a truly comprehensive review of Empower Network. I’ll explain why you should be extremely careful about giving David Sharpe and David Wood thousands of your precious dollars, and I’ll let you know about suspicious red flags that you need to be aware of.

An Honest Empower Network Review

This Empower Network rating is from first-hand experiences. I haven’t seen a single other review on the internet where the person went “all in” and eventually turned their back on the Network to publicly warn others about their experiences and what a dangerous product this is. These are not unfounded claims or speculation – these are my real experiences and insights into Empower Network from my month-long review.


Empower Network’s $25/Month Product – Basic Membership

As I mentioned above, there are a few levels of Empower Network membership and each one becomes more expensive than the one before it. Maybe you’re thinking about trying out the cheapest level just to get a taste of what Empower Network is all about and to see if David Sharpe and David Wood have what to offer.

Empower Network Basic Lessons

Unfortunately, there is literally nothing of value in the $25 a month membership. You’re paying for a basic WordPress blog that’ll be completely attached to Empower Network and isn’t worth a penny, plus eight lessons which they refer to as the “core commitments” which you can breeze through within an hour. To put it bluntly, the content is virtually nonexistent and it’s not surprising that there are people who claim Empower Network is a scam after buying into this membership – a free WordPress blog attached to another company’s domain and eight lessons of a few minutes each? Does the basic Empower Network membership at $25/month sound like it’s worth it to you?


Empower Network’s $100/Month Product – The Inner Circle

The next level is the Inner Circle which costs $100/month and basically all you’re paying for is the chance to hear David Sharpe, David Wood, and many of their top members like Tony Rush, Vick Strizheus, Tracy Walker, etc… brag about how much money they’ve made. These are recorded weekly phone calls that you commit to dialing into every week in the “8 Core Commitments” from the basic membership. They say that they’re essential to your success, but really they’re just a massive waste of time.

Inner Circle Unhelpful Tutorials

As you can probably tell from the titles of the “lessons” above, there isn’t any real training here. When it comes to showing off their wealth they seem to have endless material, but they come up completely short when it comes to actual internet marketing lessons. You’ll stay on the call for 2-3 hours every week and get almost nothing of value outside of “get pumped” fluff they use to try and motivate their members.


Empower Network’s $500 Product – Costa Rica Intensive

$500 Costa Rica Lessons

Even the people who dig deep into their pockets and spend $500 on the Costa Rica Intensive are bound to be awfully disappointed. All you’re paying for is outdated internet marketing information that could easily be found for free elsewhere (seriously – some of this stuff is VERY out of date and can get your website punished instead of rewarded). This is the main problem when it comes to all of these levels of Empower Network membership—it’s all available elsewhere plus more for a fraction of the cost that Empower Network charges.


$5,125+ for Internet Marketing Lessons?

So if you’re actually hoping to learn something from David Sharpe and David Wood, be prepared to shell out the full $5,125 to get all of the above PLUS the $15k Formula and the Master’s Retreat – both of which have some decent content but are very thin overall for such a hefty price tag. They’ve also released (and continue releasing) more and more products that you have to buy if you want to “qualify” for the commissions. I can’t in good faith recommend that anyone spend several thousand dollars on internet marketing lessons when there are so many valuable alternatives that cost many times less for the same (or better) content.

Another very important thing to understand is that most people will definitely not make back that $5,000+ investment. I went to one of the Empower Network conferences and I met many people firsthand who had been convinced by David Sharpe and David Wood to go “all in” and were now deeply regretting their decision, because they were following ALL of the training day in and day out and feeling like there was no way they were going to make their investment back.

Most Users Lose Money

Think about this before signing away your savings or putting a massive expense on your credit card—what are the chances that you’re actually going to make this money back? As I’ve learned, the answer is very slim.


Don’t Be Fooled—It’s Not Easy

Over and over again, David Sharpe and David Wood talk about how easy it is to make money through blogging. They claim that you can blog about anything you want and become a successful internet marketer. Well, that’s just not the reality.

Internet Marketing Takes Hard Work

There’s a reason why the overwhelming majority of internet marketers fail and ultimately give up, and unfortunately the statistics show that the vast majority of people fall into that category no matter how much money they’ve spent. So don’t get carried away with reviews of Empower Network that you may have read where people talk about how easy it is to make tons of money.

As anyone in this industry knows, it can be extremely difficult to make money in internet marketing. So you should take everything that David Sharpe, David Wood, and any of the EN affiliates say about Empower Network with a grain of salt. When you do some research you will find out that the people who have made tons of money are MLM experts with many years of this experience—they didn’t just join Empower Network out of the blue and start earning commissions. It just doesn’t work that way.


Why is Empower Network Scared of the BBB?

When I was reviewing Empower Network, I wanted to find out what their refund policy was. At first the customer service representative insisted that there was no way that I could get a refund on the $3,500 product, which is a red flag by itself. I casually mentioned the Better Business Bureau (BBB) on the phone by saying, “I’ve seen that you work very closely with people that have filed complaints with the BBB. Would I have a better chance of getting a refund if I went that route?” She insisted the answer was no, we hung up, and that’s when things got fishy.

Empower Network is Not BBB Accredited

I received a call a few minutes later where the customer service representative told me that she had spoken with her supervisor and they decided that since I mentioned the BBB, they would process my refund—but then I would be completely banned from Empower Network forever. That means I lost all of my members and the entire team that I had promised to take care of was orphaned up to my sponsor so that he could do whatever he pleased with them. I asked if I could get back in to Empower Network so that I could regain access and take care of my team, but they wouldn’t allow it, and it was only because I very casually mentioned the BBB in passing.

To me, this is a major red flag, and it’s important that anyone reading this Empower Network review understands that this is not the sign of a company that cares about its customers, and is yet another reason why many people accuse Empower Network of being a scam. Keep this in mind before investing thousands of dollars with David Sharpe and David Wood.


Empower Network’s Culture Can Kill

Empower Network is especially dangerous because the entire culture that David Sharpe and David Wood have worked hard to create. It’s all about pressuring their members to go “all in” and making them feel like “wussies” and outcasts if they’re not brave enough to do so. Don’t make that mistake before thinking things through—you can learn all there is to know about internet marketing without going “all in” with Empower Network.

Pressure to Pay $5,000

As I’ve mentioned above, EN costs thousands of dollars if you want full access and there’s nothing about it that justifies that high price tag. Why pay thousands of dollars to hear David Sharpe and David Wood brag about the size of their paychecks or get outdated or run-of-the-mill training that can be found elsewhere for free, or at the very least a substantially lower price?

Even worse, because of all of the pressure, people end up paying the $5,125+ even if they can’t afford it. So you have to ask yourself whether you want to be earning commissions from people who truly cannot afford to shell out this money.


Could You Really Sleep at Night?

Think about being a member of Empower Network. Think about working for weeks and weeks on end, if not months, and you finally break through and get a couple of signups. Now imagine them going “all in” by selling the snowplow they NEED when winter rolls back around, or the boat they use to take their kids fishing down at the lake. Maybe they don’t sell anything – they just charge the full $5,125 onto credit cards at 20%-30% interest rates under the impression that it will be back in their wallets in just a few weeks.

You just had a $4,625 payday! Awesome, right?! Personally, I think it comes at too high of a price. Realize that for every 100 people you might sign up (which, I can’t emphasize enough, is much, MUCH more difficult than David Wood, David Sharpe, and their affiliates make it sound), maybe two of them will make their full investment back. The rest of your signups will struggle day in and day out until they give up, but now without a snowplow to get out of their home in the winter, without a boat to create memories with their kids on the weekends, or with $5,000+ on their credit cards which is leaving them with $1,200+ less each year in interest charges for date nights, vacations, holiday presents, etc…

You may be able to benefit financially, but if you’re doing well financially in Empower Network it is as a direct result of setting the vast majority of your signups for failure. You’re at the top of the pyramid, but when you look down and see all of the bodies you’ve stacked up to get there, you may not be able to sleep at night. I know I couldn’t, and that’s why I turned my back on Empower Network.


Final Word: Buy Cheaper Training that Doesn’t Require Setting Others Up for Failure

As you can tell by now, I’m acutely familiar with Empower Network and can offer the insider perspective as a former “all in” member. But the facts speaks for themselves, and I would strongly caution you against purchasing any of their products.

The earlier levels offer pathetically shallow content besides David Sharpe, David Wood, and their top affiliates bragging about how rich they are. They create a dangerous culture where you feel pressured to shell out five grand, but I can assure you from personal experience that most of the people that spend the $5,000 are not earning back their investment.

At the end of the day, you’re much better off investing your time with internet marketing resources that don’t carry an outrageously high price tag. There are so many valuable resources out there, including a valuable eBook I’ve personally written to keep you safe in this industry that you can download completely free or an incredible free two week course that teaches you how to build a powerful niche site from start to finish. I think everyone who puts in the time and effort can succeed in the world of internet marketing, but Empower Network is definitely not the path I’d recommend.


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